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Kid's Original Lotus Pillow

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Padmani cushions combine fun and function while offering superior support. They are loved for all yoga and meditation practices, as well as simply for floor sitting in classrooms, dorm rooms, board rooms, workshops, or by the woodstove.

Each pillow is lovingly constructed with tremendous attention to detail. The loop style handle provides portability, while our medium weight upholstery fabrics ensure lasting durability.

The unique lotus point design creates space between each petal for your sit bones to snuggle in, helping you immediately and effortlessly establish a strong sitting posture. The buckwheat hull is the perfect organic and sustainable fill material to assist structural alignment. Every pillow has a zipper, providing easy access to the buckwheat hull so that you may adjust to your preference, or add more overtime.

We also offer an adjustable strap for carrying your pillow, whether it be to the studio or around a yoga festival, it doubles as a 6 foot strap to support your asana. 

We hope our meditation pillows enhance your practice for years to come!

Peace, Love, Padmani