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Shaman Botanical Fragrance Roll-On

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Powerful and evocative, Shaman perfume elevates the mind, soothes the soul and awakens creativity.

About: Inspired by her travels to Ecuador and Corsica, Sara Crow combined two of Floracopeia's finest essential oils to create Shaman Botanical Fragrance.

Powerful and evocative, this botanical perfume is meditative, creative, and relaxing. It has a talent for manifestation, intuition, and ceremony.

With its woody and herbaceous profile, Shaman is a gender-neutral natural perfume. 

Ingredients: Ethically sourced wild harvested Palo Santo Essential Oil, organic Cistus Essential Oil, and organic Jojoba Oil. Housed in a violet glass roll-on bottle with a glass applicator ball.

Bottle Size: 5 mL