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Khus Attar Roll-On

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A magnificent sustainable sandalwood and wild vetiver attar, with earthen and wood notes.

About: An exquisite attar masterfully created by David Crow. Sustainably harvested Australian sandalwood oil is infused with traditionally distilled and wild-harvested Rajasthani vetiver roots. This attar first meets the nose with the distinctive earthy, rooty, herbaceous and vegetative notes of the vetiver, followed over time by sophisticated soft, sacred wood and subtle sweet aromas released by the underlying sandalwood oil.

To the body and spirit Khus Attar is moist, rich, and grounding. It soothes heartache and melancholy. It uplifts the mood and helps balance the emotions. Equally honoring the masculine and feminine, with a dream-inspiring forest magic, this is a perfume for everyone.


Bottle Size: 5 mL